Vacuum table for CLT joining increases flexibility. A few weeks ago, the newly founded Holzbauwerk Schwarzwald produced its very first CLT panel in Besenfeld/DE. Even before this happened, the company put one of Hundegger‘s PBA-Industry machines into operation. Thus, Holzbauwerk Schwarzwald eliminated a potential bottleneck in advance and became one of the first to implement the new vacuum technology of the joining specialists from Hawangen/DE.
The right joinery machine for everyone. The International Wood Fair in Klagenfurt is a meeting place for industry and trade. However, there are only few stands which are visited equally by members and representatives of both sectors. Hundegger’s stand is one of them. The good hospitality is one factor, but most visitors are certainly attracted by the wide range of products and services offered by the joinery experts from Hawangen.
CNC joinery machine put to the best possible use Long-established company Huter & Söhne of Innsbruck has been working with a CNC joinery machine for a few months. In order to make the best use of the Hundegger Robot Drive, the Tyrolean company launched an extraordinary wood cosmetics project, which Hundegger carried out in close collaboration with scanner expert Alpiscan and H.I.T.. The result is impressive.