Drill units

Optionally, up to two horizontal drill units can be installed on the ROBOT unit.
This allows holes for rafter nails, purlin doubling and so on up to a depth of max. 525 mm to be made without having to change tools.

Additional tool storage

Everything ready to hand: Additional tool storage is provided for a tool with a diameter of up to 500 mm as well as a slot cutter.

Exchangeable slot cutter

Precise slot cutting: To make perfect slots, the robot unit can be automatically equipped with a slot cutter. It approaches the parts from all six sides and processes them at all angles and inclinations up to a depth of 300 mm.

Labelling systems

Powerful ink jet systems both on the ROBOT arm and in the intake area label the parts with text, graphics or barcode.
Various ink colours are available.

Central lubrication

This system supplies all lubrication points automatically with lubricant,
and always at the right time.
This reduces manual maintenance considerably.

Short part flap with conveyor belt

This is a very convenient feature: A “drawer” integrated in the machine accommodates short parts and then transports them out of the machine via a small conveyor belt.

Label printer

Printer on the operating desk for labels with various, freely selectable details such as, e.g., company name, part name, part number, cut grades or roof side.
Data can also be imported from joinery and CAD programs.

Additional screen at part discharge point

An additional screen can be installed above the part discharge point. The fully machined parts are displayed here.